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We are Akshara Finserv offering Indian Audits and Accounts Service.

What Is Outsourcing Accounting Services Mean?

Before moving further, let’s understand what are the accounting services and types of accounting services which are performed by the company. Accounting is a process of analyzing, interpreting, recording financial information.

Through outsourcing accounting services, companies can focus more on its vision, increase it’s productivity, improving it’s quality of goods and services, while the third party deals with the task of accounting for the company.

What Services Are Offered Under The Outsourcing Of Accounting Services?

Accounting services which a company can outsource are to accounting service provider are as followings:

1. Payroll
2. Bank Reconcilliations
3. Balance sheets
4. Cash flow forecasting
5. General ledger and financial statement preparation
6. Business tax return preparation
7. Personal financial statement
8. Custom financial reports
9. Income statements
10. Account payable and receivables
11. Debt planning and reduction

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